International Collaboration

How we’re reaching new heights through our diverse, international team


The Netfira journey: from consultancy to international software company 

Netfira was founded in Australia in 2009 as a consultancy for supply chain management. Our work in the area of supply chain optimisation led to the development of innovative applications and artificial intelligence to help our customers. After setting up co-headquarters in Germany almost a decade ago, our European team has driven the development of these technologies and helped many high-quality enterprises achieve great outcomes by making business processes simpler and more effective.  

 Today, we are serving customers around the world from our co-headquarters in Walldorf, Germany and Sydney, Australia. Our solution, the Netfira Platform, is a secure cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and helps automate B2B processes so that employees can focus on value-adding activities that benefit their business. We recognise the value of diversity and collaboration when doing business – something which is even more important today given that people and organisations are more connected than ever before. We are proud of our international culture and our focus creating long-term solutions for our customers that are future-proof. 

The key to successful international collaboration 

As many businesses have realised since 2020, working across distance brings many challenges, but also many opportunities. At Netfira, we have been embracing remote working concepts for more than five years. To succeed with remote working concepts, a modern approach is required. 

 At Netfira, we have a very flat organisational structure. Unlike traditional structures which often leave employees isolated and demotivated in silos, our structure ensures clear and honest communication all the way from our working students to our executive level staff. Our specialised teams make decisions quickly and at the point of need, avoiding delays that come with centralised decision-making so we can progress our projects rapidly. 

 Smooth digital collaboration across varying time zones requires the creative and diligent use of digital communication tools to keep in touch, track progress and enjoy virtual meetings. In our next article, we will share one of the fun techniques we have created to allow our workplace culture to thrive despite sweeping lockdowns and working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

 We have established business processes that allow us to work as a global team virtually around the clock. Consequently, the time difference is not a disadvantage for us, but an advantage: as soon as the working day in Australia draws to a close, it begins in Germany, and our colleagues pick up where their team members left off. The use of established wiki software and platforms, such as the Atlassian suite, helps us collaborate seamlessly and allow our team to enjoy flexible working hours while remaining connected by accessing information, contributing ideas and completing projects from anywhere at any time. 

A strong team for strong results 

While we operate in multiple regions, we are all one team at Netfira. Whether the DACH region, APAC, the Americas, or anywhere else – our global team is committed to serving our customers intimately and reliably.  

 People from different cultures with different backgrounds and different ways of thinking come together at Netfira to work towards common goals. Thanks to our global, multicultural team, we enjoy a great diversity of knowledge, experience, and expertise that allows us to approach projects with unique perspectives and insights. 

 Our staff are encouraged to work autonomously and creatively as we seek to break barriers and push the boundaries of what is possible. This freedom and nurturing of ideas enables us to be innovative and reliable as we respond to the evolving needs of our customers.

Combined strength for customer-orientated processes 

Our software is made by people, for people. As our team benefits from our international collaboration, so too does our software. A focus on people drives us to create customer-oriented solutions that automate B2B processes. The sharing of knowledge at Netfira ensures that we continue to develop as individuals and as a company. Equally, feedback from our customers is one of the most important things for us – we are excited to grow together with our customers as true partners.  

Our new logo is a symbol of the simplicity and reliability of the Netfira Platform that can help so many of our customers achieve their goals. We are excited to continue  collaborating as a global Netfira team, and also with our customers as we help them address their challenges that are constantly evolving as their businesses expand, reorganise, and improve. Consequently, our new branding represents a new era for Netfira, but our focus remains the same: to provide the best technology to our customers so we can advance together by putting our users at the centre of everything.