Increase operational efficiency in procurement

The Netfira Platform offers a unique alternative to EDI and OCR. By automatically processing documents into any ERP system, the Platform allows procurement teams to increase operational efficiency.

Realise benefits quickly

The Netfira Platform can be implemented in weeks, not months, allowing you to automate the processing of incoming order confirmations, advance shipping notices, invoices, and any other documents your procurement or sales teams need.

Configure for your needs

The Netfira Platform empowers employees by saving time and increasing efficiency. Our web application provides everything that is needed at a glance, and our unique Onboarding App connects you with your business partners without burdening your IT team.

Automate with control

We know a ‘black box’ isn’t good enough, so our cloud-based platform has been built to provide you with visibility and control of your document flows. We help you to automate labour-intensive and error-prone tasks so your team can focus on value-adding activities.

Connect with any business partner

With the Netfira Platform, you can connect with any business partner quickly and cost-effectively. Compare supplier documents with original orders, perform partner-specific mappings, and seamlessly transfer clean data to your existing systems.

The Netfira Platform

The Netfira Platform increases operational efficiency by providing a cloud-based SaaS solution that automates any incoming documents (invoices, shipping notices, purchase orders, etc.). Our standalone solution automatically extracts relevant data and communicates with any ERP system without changing your existing business processes.

Platform Advantage

The Netfira Platform offers a unique alternative to EDI and OCR solutions for automating the B2B purchasing process. Get in touch today to learn how the Netfira Platform can help your workflow automation.

Speed of Setup

Speed of Setup





Netfira Platform



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The challenge with unstructured order confirmations

Purchasing departments are met with a flood of order confirmations and need to manually enter this important but often unstructured information into their system. Intelligent digital solutions help automating this process.

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