Control what you want,

automate everything else.

Streamline your current operations, unlock the potential of your team and prepare for the future.

Netfira integrates with any system, so you can remain agile as you automate.

Realise benefits quickly

The Netfira solution allows purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery schedules, invoices and any other documents to be exchanged automatically between purchasing, manufacturers or suppliers - bidirectionally and in real-time.

Automate with control

Netfira isn’t a ‘black box’ – there is visibility of all documents and processes.

Connect with any trading partner

The Netfira platform is the switching point between your systems (e.g. ERP, SRM) and your suppliers. The solution automates the entire document exchange, compares supplier documents with the originals and transfers seamlessly to the systems connected to it.

Configure for your needs

Our innovative apps are built to enhance the user experience while saving time and process costs. The Netfira portal is the web application for our customers in which they have everything they need at a glance and can operate it. Our unique onboarding app gives you the ability to automatically connect suppliers - in three simple steps that don’t require an internal IT team.

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