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5 Reasons Why to Digitise Your Processes Now

For many companies across the world, the coronavirus pandemic has revealed frightening gaps in the digitalisation of various business areas. However, digitised and automated processes are necessary in order to keep core processes in companies running. That is why you should not postpone digitisation projects. Digital processes are the key to thriving throughout the ongoing crisis and preparing your company to face challenges and seize opportunities in the future. Here are five reasons why you should start the digital transformation in your company today.

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Why a SaaS solution is right for your procurement team

The use of automation software enables purchasing to unlock its full potential. However, the implementation of digitisation projects in purchasing often proves to be more difficult than expected. An important reason is the sheer mass of electronic tools: there are more than 200 tools ranging from specialists to full suite providers on the German-speaking market. Here you learn why you should choose a Software-as-a-Servie solution (SaaS) in any case.

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