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Automated Document Processing for Enterprises

Take control of your B2B document exchange processes with reliable software that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and workflows.
The Netfira Platform is a secure cloud-based SaaS solution for automating order confirmations, advanced shipping notices, invoices and any other document required by your procurement or sales teams.

Our Mission

With Netfira, businesses are empowering employees by automating and streamlining their B2B document exchange.

Our Platform

Automatically process order confirmations, invoices and other B2B documents through the Netfira Platform. 

Success Stories

Learn from our success stories that detail our customers’ experience with and benefit gained from the Netfira Platform.

Reading Material

Selection of articles to help you future-proof your procurement operations through digitisation and process automation.

Why global business leaders choose Netfira

Quick and easy

Our expert team will help you bring change quickly, and with our modular software you can add functionality to meet changing needs

Flexible and future-proof

Process purchase order confirmations, invoices and any other document type with our SaaS solution and receive ongoing updates for free

Software for people

We design solutions to keep things simple, so we always listen to feedback from our customers

Quick ROI

It’s easy to make a business case for Netfira – we keep your finance team as happy as your operations team will be

Success Stories

Learn how our customers have future-proofed their operational purchasing processes.

“As a SaaS platform, the Netfira solution is characterised by flexibility and simplicity. The effort for internal IT is extremely low and the software can be seamlessly integrated into the existing ERP system environment.”

Patrick Tydex – Team Leader Operational Procurement

“We don’t lose orders due to poor products but because processes need improvement. With Netfira, we achieved a faster data transmission. We can reduce manual activities to a minimum so that we have more time for important tasks.”

David Richter – Global Commodity Manager

“The Netfira connection does not require any previous technical knowledge on the part of the supplier, supports existing systems and simplifies processes.”

Klaus Kaiser – Purchasing Manager

“With Netfira, we have gained an innovation partner who wants to further advance the digitisation of procurement with us.”

Klaus Bechtold – Purchasing Expert

Netfira e-Book

Smart purchasing, smart buyers

How intelligent automation tools and innovative technologies can optimize operational purchasing.

Reading Material

The latest articles from the Netfira team and our community to help you future-proof your procurement operations through digitisation and process automation.

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Learn how the Netfira Platform can allow you to achieve this with an implementation time of approx. 6 weeks and an internal IT effort of approx. 2-3 project days in our free webinar.