A New Era

We are excited to reveal our new logo as part of our rebranding in 2021. You may have noticed some changes to our website as we develop our platforms to be concise, modern, and understandable.

You can explore these changes at Netfira.com


At Netfira, we have a proud history of helping our customers solve their business problems with our innovative software. Our previous logo has served us well since 2009. However, it just wasn’t working for us anymore. The gentle gradient and circular dots no longer communicate the message we are trying to share, nor our vision. Our new logo has been designed with care and precision by our very own team here at Netfira. We started by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of our existing logo before developing several options for feedback from both our team at Netfira and the wider community. The goal was to create something clean, simple and recognisable. We built on what we loved from the existing logo and kept our entire team involved throughout the process. The result is something we are proud of.

After many iterations, we arrived at a highly crafted, modern and well-engineered design symbolic of the high quality and precision we are proud of at Netfira. But, we felt one final detail was needed.

The sky blue core of the design represents Netfira, seamlessly joining business partners through automated document processing. We are proud that our technology is made by people, for people. To convey this message, we added a fingerprint detail to this piece of the design. This detail represents the human element behind Netfira. It reaffirms why we do what we do: to allow people to achieve their goals by reliably automating workflows.

Our rebranding will take time as we work on updating various platforms and products. At first, you will notice primarily visual changes, including our new logo. These changes are symbolic of what is to come. We are excited about our innovative development roadmap and look forward to revealing new features and updates soon.