Embracing the Inevitable: Errors, Edge Cases, and the Role of HITL Automation in Automated Document Processing

In the thrilling world of automated document processing, the question isn’t if errors and edge cases will arise, but rather when and how often. That’s where the real power of human-in-the-loop (HITL) automation shines. Building on our previous post, The unseen power of human-in-the-loop automation for automated document processing,” we will delve deeper into the pivotal role of HITL in tackling these inevitable challenges. HITL automation elegantly marries human expertise with cutting-edge automation, forming a robust shield against the day-to-day complexities and variabilities encountered in document processing. 


Understanding Errors and Edge Cases in Document Processing 

In the realm of document processing, errors and edge cases are commonplace due to the intrinsic complexity and variability of the documents involved. Businesses grapple with processing an assortment of documents daily, ranging from invoices and customer orders to quotes and purchase orders. 

Among these, unstructured documents present a unique challenge. In contrast to structured documents such as invoices, where information neatly aligns with specific columns and positions, unstructured documents can be unpredictably diverse. For example, purchase order confirmations are complex unstructured documents containing a lot of critical information that lack a standard format. Suppliers have the liberty to confirm specific components as they see fit, resulting in varied structures across different order confirmations. This diversity often causes discrepancies when automatically extracting data, creating a gap between the order confirmation and the actual purchase order. Such errors and edge cases can put a dent in the efficiency and accuracy of document processing systems. 

The Role of Human-in-the-Loop in Handling Errors and Edge Cases 

In the domain of document processing, encountering errors and edge cases is an expected part of the process. Despite this, the quest for maximising the efficiency and accuracy of automation tools calls for the crucial role of human-in-the-loop automation. Automation systems incorporating the HITL approach are designed to not only acknowledge but effectively manage errors and edge cases. This enables an uninterrupted and efficient workflow within automation systems. When extracting and processing data, HITL systems can identify and flag errors and edge cases for human review. By reviewing and correcting these issues, human experts provide valuable feedback to the system, enabling it to learn and improve.  

The Netfira Platform: A Human-in-the-Loop Document Automation Solution

Imagine a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence while still valuing the irreplaceable human touch. That’s precisely what the Netfira Platform delivers—a sophisticated human-in-the-loop document automation solution that breathes life into the Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C) processes. 

 In the training phase of the AI model, HITL teaches artificial intelligence through making decisions and allows the technology to gain experience through access to data and human feedback. Every document processed refines the AI’s understanding and improves its capabilities incrementally. 

 The Platform also features intelligent business logic, reducing exception rates, and ensuring accuracy in document processing. Users can set their own parameters, allowing the system to process as many documents as possible fully automatically. Extracted data can be enriched with additional data, such as currency, which is important for processing but is not included in the document. Moreover, users can set tolerances for shipping dates, quantity and more to allow the system to process pre-defined deviations between documents. Thus, building on human-in-the-loop automation, the Netfira Platform achieves the highest degree of automation when extracting, comparing and validating data. 

Exception Management with Netfira’s HITL Document Automation Solution

As mistakes, anomalies and exceptions in document processing are inevitable, the Netfira Platform is designed to handle exceptions in document processing quickly and efficiently. If the Platform cannot process deviations through set tolerances or data enrichment rules, exceptions are identified and flagged by the system. The Platform directs the user to the parameters where human input is needed. In an easy-to-use interface, the exceptions are displayed in one place. Users can filter, sort and resolve exceptions quickly. Moreover, the system supports the user as it provides intelligent suggestions and guidance on how to manage each exception. By reviewing the exception and giving feedback, the user gives the HITL automation tool valuable information that helps it improve. As the Platform only flags exceptions which require human input, users only need to focus on tasks where their expertise is truly needed. 

Errors and Edge Cases: Efficient Exception Handling with HITL Automation

Because errors and edge cases in automated document processing can never be ruled out completely, it is important to handle them efficiently. Human-in-the-loop automation is pivotal in managing deviations and anomalies in B2B document processing, given that its principle of incorporating human feedback inherently enables the system to enhance its accuracy over time. Through the collaborative efforts of humans and machines, users can proficiently manage inevitable errors and edge cases. The Netfira Platform is specifically designed to offer robust, reliable, and efficient exception management. It ensures quick and straightforward resolution of exceptions, thereby preventing any interruption in document automation workflows. As human experts handle exceptions, their invaluable feedback aids the AI-driven system in achieving unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. 


In the grand scheme of automated document processing, errors and edge cases are not hindrances but opportunities—opportunities to fine-tune the process, to learn, and to grow. Human-in-the-loop automation stands at the forefront of this evolution, transforming potential obstacles into stepping stones towards higher accuracy and efficiency. The Netfira Platform, with its efficient exception management, embodies this philosophy, combining the precision of AI with the adaptability of human expertise. As we embrace these inevitable challenges, we’re not just resolving errors—we’re shaping the future of automated document processing. 

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