Netfira e-Book: Smart purchasing, smart buyers

How intelligent automation tools and innovative technologies can optimize operational purchasing.


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In 2020, purchasing departments mostly do not make use of the latest technology
and are characterised by an old-fashioned way of working. Mountains of paper and
a lot of manual, time-consuming and error-prone activities determine everyday
working life. Procurement lags behind digitisation even though digital processes are
the basic prerequisite for remaining competitive and future proof. The daily tasks of
modern buyers do not yet correspond to our technological age. Boring and
repetitive activities, such as comparing data, prevent buyers from devoting
themselves to the real value-adding tasks. The demands on purchasing in a digitally
connected world, however, are increasing. Efficient and data-supported business
processes are the basis for purchasing to prove itself as a resilient partner along the
value chain. Purchasing must become more professional and modern. This can be
achieved with smart automation solutions and innovative technologies.

Learn in this e-book

  • How you can modernise procurement
  • Which intelligent automation solutions are available to procurement
  • Which technologies have a high potential for the future
  • Why the modern buyer is a digital buyer

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