Whitepaper: Document automation along the Procure-to-Pay process

A well-established P2P process is central to the financial health and overall competitive strength of businesses—especially if they are seeking to build value while reducing costs. Since the P2P process always involves exchanging data and documents, buyers must manually check, compare, and validate information before further processing. Removing manual processes throughout the P2P process improves process efficiency and cost savings. Purchasing needs to automate document processing to achieve these results. By automatically processing all B2B documents along the P2P process, the Netfira Platform enables a bidirectional digital exchange of data and documents and makes businesses efficient and future-proof.


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Checklist: Choosing a key user

It is important to choose the right person for the role of the key user. This checklist helps you to choose the ideal key user for your automation project.

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Syntegon case study

With a global roll-out of the Netfira Platform, Syntegon aims to automate and standardise purchasing processes at all locations. The Netfira Platform is used as the only automation solution for all existing ERP systems.

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