Why purchasing should use a SaaS solution for automating its operational activities

Advancements in technologies, such as cloud computing, continue to change the B2B world profoundly. Cloud computing comprises a wide range of services that aim to meet various IT needs of an organisation. One service model that operates in the cloud is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Purchasing departments can benefit immensely by automating operational activities through cloud solutions as they have constant pressure to automate manual tasks by automatically processing documents and data. The benefits of this process optimisation lead to improved supplier relations and an increased focus on strategic activities. Procurement software needs to be efficient, future-proof, and agile, which are distinct advantages of a cloud-based SaaS solution. 


Advantages of SaaS for purchasing

Easy configuration

Unlike on-premise software solutions, SaaS solutions allow users to connect to a ready-to-use system. As a result, companies do not require internal server infrastructure and implementation times are drastically reduced 

No maintenance

The SaaS provider is responsible for maintenance and security-related aspects of the software, reducing the pressure on IT departments and providing users with peace of mind. 

Low costs

Companies do not have to install and run cloud applications on their systems. This eliminates the need to invest in hardware and licensees and reduces the costs associated with maintenance and support. Users only pay for what they need and use. The initial setup costs for Software-as-a-Service solutions are also low, and implementation time is far quicker than on-premise systems. 

High flexibility

SaaS solutions afford users more flexibility than on-premise systems. For example, companies can subscribe to SaaS offers as required instead of purchasing licenses and installing the software on internal computers. In addition, SaaS applications are provided over the web, which means users can access the software from any device or location, pending relevant permissions. 

Easy scalability

Companies can make greater use of individual services or functions if necessary. This is particularly important for companies growing rapidly or needing larger capacities for seasonal reasons. In addition, the Netfira Platform offers operational improvements along the purchase to pay process, and users can easily configure more document types as the need arises 

Work within a familiar environment

Teams can work within their familiar environment. There is no need to make disruptive changes to processes or systems as the system can adapt to the relevant requirements of the business

Relieve IT departments

As SaaS is web-based, users benefit from service providers updating the software automatically – often weekly or monthly. There is no ongoing requirement on IT to implement new releases or patches. Cloud-based document automation software means the IT department has an effortless involvement in the digitisation project, allowing them to focus on other tasks and duties 

How the advantages of SaaS solutions increase operational efficiency in purchasing

Cloud solutions – and above all SaaS solutions – provide procurement with future-proof technology that enables the efficient automation of operational activities and bi-directional document exchange. Modern technologies and the demands of companies are changing rapidly. This unpredictability makes SaaS solutions the right choice thanks to higher flexibility and low costs compared to on-premise solutions. Considering all the advantages, SaaS solutions prove to be a future-proof alternative to on-premise solutions. Moreover, by optimising purchasing processes with a SaaS solution, companies can concentrate on strategic business activities and achieve sustainable increases in operational efficiency.