Automate and not just digitise - The challenge with order confirmations

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*The recording of this webinar is only available in German. 

The current procurement situation and the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the need for reliable, transparent and, above all, efficient processes. Purchasing departments are required to use digital solutions in order to be successful and future-proof.


In purchasing, the processing of order confirmations proves to be an important, but often time-consuming and labour-intensive activity. While one order confirmation was sent per order in the past, today often 3, 5, 7 or even more order confirmations are  sent. The processing effort explodes. Therefore, digital solutions should be used here to optimise these processes.

The decisive factor is the maximum possible degree of automation in order to successfully relieve the procurement department.

How you can achieve this with the help of the Netfira Platform with an implementation time of only approximately 6 weeks and an internal IT effort of approximately 2-3 project days, you will learn in our free webinar “Automate and not just digitise – The challenge with order confirmations“.

Learn how to:

  • Automate data and document processing 
  • Connect business partners with the Netfira Onboarding App 
  • Digitise and automate operational processes  
  • Process purchase order confirmations automatically


Michael Kuhn

Head of Sales