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Netfira’s Resource Hub is designed to empower businesses like yours, providing insightful tools, guides, and materials relating to intelligent document processing and automation. From digitising cumbersome manual processes to embracing sophisticated automation techniques, dive into our resources and discover the world of opportunities that awaits you. Your pathway to innovation starts here.

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Webinar: Automate and not just digitise

Learn in this webinar how you can automate the processing of documents like purchase order confirmations with the Netfira Platform.

Which intelligent automation solution for procurement is better: RPA or AI? 

In purchasing, intelligent automation solutions like RPA or AI are often used for the same goals, but their strengths and weaknesses differ significantly. What are the reasons to choose either RPA or AI?

The Netfira Platform – unique alternative to EDI

The Netfira Platform offers a unique alternative to EDI solutions. The cloud-based SaaS solution connects all important business partners qucikly, easily and cost-effectively.

Has the coronavirus pandemic boosted the digitisation of purchasing processes? 

The corona pandemic still affects the global economy. But what about the digital transformation in purchasing today? Has the coronavirus pandemic boosted the digitisation of purchasing processes?

Why the corona pandemic is an opportunity for digital transformation

Germany is still lagging in many areas of digitisation. But are there also positive developments? Is the corona pandemic a unique opportunity for driving digital transformation in companies?

Electronic B2B communication – is EDI the right solution?

EDI is used to connect businesses and to facilitate electronic B2B communication. What are the features of EDI, how does it work? And is it really the ideal solution for efficiently connecting suppliers?
Optical Character Recognition

Reducing paper workload in purchasing – is OCR the right solution?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used to enable electronic B2B communication and to reduce paper workload. But it is really the right solution or are there better ones?

Why process automation in procurement leads to success in Industry 4.0

Procurement needs to focus on process automation through automated document processing and AI to be a successful part of Industry 4.0.

3 ways to ensure digitally connected business partners

Despite advancements in digital technologies, connecting business partners electronically still poses challenges for purchasing. To successfully connect business partners, purchasing must find a digital tool that offers benefits for buyers and suppliers.

How digital automation tools future-proof the procurement manager’s role

Digitisation transforms buyers into digital procurement managers. With automation tools, buyers can become modern procurement managers.

How procurement teams are driving innovation through process automation

Rapid advancements in digital technologies allow purchasing to use future-proof automation solutions to drive corporate innovation through process automation.

How to increase data quality for a competitive edge in procurement

Although high data quality is crucial for successful operational processes, purchasing struggles with poor data quality. The Netfira Platform solves this problem by automating the manual processes where data originates.
modernise operational purchasing

Pfleiderer case study

Learn in this case study how Pfleiderer successfully digitised and automated its operational procurement with the Netfira platform.

International coffee chats

Like most teams worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic caused great disruption to the way we go about our day-to-day work. In response to this we launched the Netfira Coffee Chat to support our team members to stay connected around the world despite lockdowns, working from home and isolation.
automate order confirmations

teamtechnik case study

Learn in this case study how teamtechnik has managed to transform its operative procurement with the Netfira Platform.

International collaboration

With co-headquarters in Germany and Australia, Netfira is serving customers around the world. What is the key to successful international collaboration and what role does technology play in ensuring smooth digital communication during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A new era

A new era for Netfira: We are happy to reveal our new logo as part of our rebranding activities this year. Read the story behind our new logo in our blog article.

Gardner Denver case study

Find out how Netfira enabled Gardner Denver to opimise its processes in operative procurement.
Automate purchase order confirmations

Zentis case study

Read in this case study how Zentis transformed its procurement department with the help of the innovative Netfira Platform.

KLAFS case study

Read in this case study how KLAFS relies on the Netfira Platform to automate its operational procurement processes.