Innovative Designs, Innovative Procurement: How KLAFS Automates its Processes

KLAFS is a leading global sauna, steam bath and spa supplier. The company relies on the Netfira Platform to automate its operational procurement processes. The main reason for choosing the Netfira Platform was the simple technical connection. In addition, the software allows for the complete automation of all transactions – whether with large or small business partners. 


Initial situation

Almost all operational processes in KLAFS’ purchasing department were previously handled manually. More than 40,000 transactions with over 350 suppliers caused a considerable processing effort for order confirmations and invoices. Discrepancies in the confirmations were often not recognised in time, and changes were only discovered on receipt of goods. There were also frequent errors in the manual entry of documents, which had to be laboriously corrected later. 

The Netfira Platform

As a solution, the company relies on the Netfira Platform to automate its operational procurement. With the Netfira Onboarding App, KLAFS’s procurement department can digitally connect its business partners within minutes. “The implementation of the Netfira Platform took only a few days – and had a noticeable effect immediately,” reports KLAFS Purchasing Manager Klaus Kaiser. 

Results in brief

Shortly after the introduction of the Netfira Platform, KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG was able to achieve the desired results:   

  • Implementation of the Netfira Platform within a few days  
  • Full integration into the SAP system  
  • Full support of existing processes  
  • Users are immediately productive, as they can continue to work in their familiar environment without training  
  • Automatic dispatch of orders as well as recording and checking of order confirmations  
  • Automatic recording, checking and archiving of invoices  
  • Simplification of order management for suppliers  
  • Round-the-clock availability with an easy-to-use user interface  
  • Error reduction through automatic data entry  
  • Automated processing of approximately 40,000 transactions per year  
  • Full automation of operational procurement

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