Document workflow automation in the cloud  

The Netfira Platform is a secure cloud-based SaaS solution for automated document processing. Users can easily exchange all B2B documents such as order confirmations, purchase orders, advance shipping notices, quotes and invoices. The Netfira Platform allows document workflow automation in the cloud by extracting, processing and exporting all relevant data into any ERP system. Netfira’s Onboarding App guarantees a simple and efficient electronic supplier connection.

A cloud-based document automation solution

Netfira provides the SaaS service model (Software-as-a-Service), which operates in a cloud. With the Netfira Platform, purchasing processes are smooth and efficient. In an increasingly digitised B2B world, the automation of manual processes in operational procurement must be uncomplicated, fast and flexible. The Netfira Platform enables buyers to connect important business partners electronically, and exchange document flows digitally between different systems without media discontinuity and at the push of a button. Automating document workflows in the cloud increases efficiency, optimises processes, and unlocks procurement’s full potential.

Advantages of Netfira’s SaaS solution over on-premise software solutions 

Secure cloud-based SaaS solution

Our cloud providers ensure the Netfira Platform is certified according to ISO guidelines. ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 define the handling and processing of highly sensitive data. We are committed to providing our partners with a secure, safe and efficient document automation solution. 

Document types

The Netfira Platform facilitates the automatic flow of documents along the purchase to pay process. The platform provides purchasing with unparalleled data extraction of any document. The inbuilt business logic makes the cloud-based solution a powerful procurement tool. Learn more about how the Netfira Platform processes common purchasing documents below or get in touch to learn how the solution could work for other document types.


Processing quotes automatically allows a seamless B2B communication along the procure to pay process. The platform extracts data from quotes and exports this information into existing business systems.

Customer orders

Optimise the processing of customer orders with document automation software. The platform extracts data from inbound purchase orders and exports this information into your existing business systems.

Shipping notices

Increase transparency and data quality by processing shipping notices automatically. The platform extracts data from inbound shipping notices and exports this information into downstream systems.


Extract, interpret and transfer key data from inbound invoices. Automatically validate data to accelerate the payment process and increase efficiency in the purchasing department.

And many more...

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