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International Coffee Chats

Like most teams worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic caused great disruption to the way we go about our day-to-day work. In response to this we launched the Netfira Coffee Chat to support our team members to stay connected around the world despite lockdowns, working from home and isolation.

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International Collaboration

With co-headquarters in Germany and Australia, Netfira is serving customers around the world. What is the key to successful international collaboration and what role does technology play in ensuring smooth digital communication during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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A New Era

A new era for Netfira: We are happy to reveal our new logo as part of our rebranding activities this year. Read the story behind our new logo in our blog article.

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5 Reasons Why to Digitise Your Processes Now

For many companies across the world, the coronavirus pandemic has revealed frightening gaps in the digitalisation of various business areas. However, digitised and automated processes are necessary in order to keep core processes in companies running. That is why you should not postpone digitisation projects. Digital processes are the key to thriving throughout the ongoing crisis and preparing your company to face challenges and seize opportunities in the future. Here are five reasons why you should start the digital transformation in your company today.

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Why a SaaS solution is right for your procurement team

The use of automation software enables purchasing to unlock its full potential. However, the implementation of digitisation projects in purchasing often proves to be more difficult than expected. An important reason is the sheer mass of electronic tools: there are more than 200 tools ranging from specialists to full suite providers on the German-speaking market. Here you learn why you should choose a Software-as-a-Servie solution (SaaS) in any case.

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Procurement and the Corona pandemic: Was the digital transformation successful?

For almost a year now, the Corona pandemic has had the global economy firmly in its grip. In spring 2020, it quickly became apparent that Germany was lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation. This is also true for procurement. But what about digital transformation today? Has procurement been able to learn its lessons from the Corona crisis and to live up to the current challenges and requirements?

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Why procurement should focus on digital supplier connectivity​

There is a willingness to automate procurement with the help of software solutions, but the implementation of a digitisation project is often made more difficult by the multitude of existing solutions. So how do you proceed? Checklists can help to pay attention to the right criteria when it comes to the selection. This blog article reveals why the automation solution should enable an uncomplicated and fast digital supplier connection in particular.

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How to find the right eProcurement solution in 3 steps

Process automation in procurement is a key driver of the digital transformation. Procurement is faced with the challenge to professionalise itself and become more efficient, modern and agile. However, the implementation of digitalisation projects in purchasing is often more difficult than expected. One important reason is the sheer mass of electronic tools: From specialists to full-suite providers, there are around 200 digital tools for purchasing on the German-speaking market. Read here how you can find the right software solution for your procurement in just a few steps.

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How to get started with digitisation

The topic of digitisation in companies can no longer be ignored. In fact, it is advancing to become one of the top issues in industry and economy. Therefore, it is important not to leave the topic of digitisation to the IT department alone but to cover all facets of the topic. Procurement in particular plays a central role in digitisation efforts.

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The digitisation of procurement during Covid-19

What are the top topics in procurement in the Covid-19 times? What about the digitisation of purchasing? What role do modern technologies play in managing the current effects of the coronavirus pandemic? For example, how can AI-based software support procurement quickly and efficiently?

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8 facts about the cloud worth knowing

Cloud computing is one of the most important innovative trends in corporate IT, because it is a technology that makes companies modern and future-proof. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the most popular service model and has many advantages over an on-premise solution. Read everything you need to know about cloud computing and the SaaS model here, and learn how you can start the digital transformation in your company with cloud-based solutions.

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The Corona pandemic as an opportunity for digital transformation

What is the current state of the digital transformation in Germany? Which gaps in digitisation were uncovered by the pandemic? Are there currently any positive developments? What opportunities does the current situation hold? And what measures do companies have to take in order to use this potential?

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Procurement 4.0 in SMEs – Does strategic procurement also make sense in SMEs?

New IT technologies promote automation and digitalisation in businesses. However, that also requires companies to rethink. The digital transformation is also of central importance for procurement and supply chain management. For big players, it has long been clear that a digital strategy in purchasing is necessary. But what about SMEs? Is Procurement 4.0 also useful and feasible for SMEs? Or is strategy in procurement only significant for large companies?

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How to establish AI skills in medium-sized companies

AI has great market potential. A joint study by Netfira and the BME has shown that procurement in small and medium-sized companies in particular has so far lagged behind its digital capabilities. With the help of suitable digitisation and automation tools, however, companies can build up AI skills in procurement in just a few steps.

Read here how you can establish AI skills quickly and easily with Netfira.

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Industry 4.0 and procurement

The Corona pandemic tremendously impacts Germany and the entire world. Now, digital operations and platforms as well as automated processes are imperative to enable efficient and secure operations in all areas of society. While a new technological age has dawned, it is becoming clear that the technical possibilities of Industry 4.0 are not a foregone conclusion – the Corona virus and its effects make it clear that there is a need to catch up in terms of comprehensive and overarching digitalisation. For procurement and supply chain management in particular, the 4th industrial revolution and digital transformation are of central importance.

Find out here how Netfira’s software solution enables digital transformation in procurement.

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How AI revolutionises procurement

Artificial intelligence – this word is on everyone’s lips at the moment. AI is often mentioned in the same breath as digitalisation, automation and optimisation. In the 21st century, there is hardly a sphere of our lives in which AI does not play a role. In operational procurement in particular, the use of AI can bring great added value. Find out here why that is and what you need to bear in mind so that AI does not just remain a buzzword but also generates noticeable time and cost advantages.

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How to achieve electronic supplier connection

Even in the age of digitalisation, supplier connectivity still poses challenges or even problems for procurement. Reasons for this are often found on the company or procurement side and on the supplier side. However, modern procurement of the future only works if processes run automatically, document flows are digitalised and, if possible, all important suppliers are connected electronically. With Netfira’s innovative software solution for automation and process optimisation, all suppliers – even the small ones – can be connected easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

How does this work and what advantages does it have for your purchasing department and your entire company?

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Do suppliers hinder digitisation in procurement?

Procurement’s effort to implement faster and more secure processes through automation and digitalisation tools are all too often thwarted at the interface to supply partners. Many suppliers are often too small or technically unable to dock onto various customer systems.

So are suppliers to be blamed? I answer with a firm yes and no.

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