Jim Beard

Why a SaaS solution is right for your procurement team

The use of automation software enables purchasing to unlock its full potential. However, the implementation of digitisation projects in purchasing often proves to be more difficult than expected. An important reason is the sheer mass of electronic tools: there are more than 200 tools ranging from specialists to full suite providers on the German-speaking market. Here you learn why you should choose a Software-as-a-Servie solution (SaaS) in any case.

Data quality as a competitive factor

AI and big data are drivers of new digitised business models. But many employees in purchasing do not yet have the right tools at hand to benefit from big data in their everyday work. As a basis, you first have to get a grip on the small data. Read here what role clean data plays in procurement and how artificial intelligence can lead to higher data quality.

How to find the right eProcurement solution in 3 steps

Process automation in procurement is a key driver of the digital transformation. Procurement is faced with the challenge to professionalise itself and become more efficient, modern and agile. However, the implementation of digitalisation projects in purchasing is often more difficult than expected. One important reason is the sheer mass of electronic tools: From specialists to full-suite providers, there are around 200 digital tools for purchasing on the German-speaking market. Read here how you can find the right software solution for your procurement in just a few steps.

How to get started with digitisation

The topic of digitisation in companies can no longer be ignored. In fact, it is advancing to become one of the top issues in industry and economy. Therefore, it is important not to leave the topic of digitisation to the IT department alone but to cover all facets of the topic. Procurement in particular plays a central role in digitisation efforts.

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