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Pfleiderer Case Study

Breaking New Ground in Wood-Based Materials and Operational Purchasing 

Pfleiderer – specialist in wood-based materials – now generates around 1 billion euros per year, despite a turbulent history. Digitisation of business processes has backed Pfleiderer’s recent focus on value-adding product categories. As part of this digitisation, it was necessary to modernise the operational purchasing accordingly. Since 2018, the Netfira Platform has afforded the purchasing team at Pfleiderer tremendous freedom and supported strategic processes. Flexible document recognition through solution modules, automated document flows, and digital supplier connectivity are just some of the benefits afforded by the Netfira Platform. 

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About Pfleiderer

Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH is a manufacturer of wood-based materials with eight locations in Germany and Poland, five of which are located in Germany and three in Poland. In total, it employs about 3,500 people. The company’s core business is in the area of chipboard and fiberboard for furniture and interior fittings. Still, in recent years more and more value-adding categories have been built up. 


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