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Why a SaaS solution is right for your procurement team

Procurement needs to optimise its processes

In procurement, processes must be smooth and efficient so that the requirements of a globalised world can be met. In an increasingly digitised B2B world, the automation of manual processes in operational procurement in particular must be uncomplicated, fast and flexible. Modern digital technologies are necessary to connect important business partners electronically and exchange document flows digitally between different systems without media discontinuity and at the push of a button. The goal: increasing efficiency, optimising processes and unlocking the full potential of procurement. However, digitisation projects must be characterised by an efficient roll-out, cost-effective scalability, and a high return on investment.

The question is: Is there a software that meets all these requirements?

The answer: Yes, a cloud-based SaaS platform is the solution.

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In the following, we present the characteristics and benefits of a SaaS solution:

What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a licensing and distribution model that delivers software applications over the internet, i.e. as a service.

 Features of SaaS services

  • All users share a common centrally managed infrastructure.
  • Easy access to data and information via any internet-enabled device. This allows for remote working.
  • It is possible to work within one’s own corporate identity.
  • There are functions for networking and collaboration. This enables effective collaboration across teams and locations.


Advantages of SaaS solutions over on-premise software solutions





The software must be purchased and installed. There are configuration and infrastructure costs.

Connection to a ready-to-use system. The SaaS provider is responsible for the entire software. No own server infrastructure required, only an interface to the computer centre needed.


The software must be secured, maintained and regularly updated – on internal systems by the company’s IT department.

The SaaS provider is responsible for maintenance and all security-related aspects. Since SaaS is web-based, procurement benefits from the fact that service providers can carry out routine automatic updates of the software.


Investments in software, licences and servers to run the software are required.

SaaS uses a subscription model on a per-user basis, meaning investment costs are minimal. You only pay for what you actually need and use. This makes it a highly cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Role of the IT department

The IT team is usually involved in the digitisation project and will often be burdened with additional tasks on top of their existing responsibilities.

The IT department is significantly relieved. Enabling them to concentrate on other projects with added value for the company instead of spending time on lengthy programme introductions or maintenance tasks.


Difficult scalability

Additional users and/or applications can be added easily and quickly as business needs increase.


In a nutshell – the potential of SaaS solutions

SaaS eliminates the need to purchase, install, maintain and update hardware and software. You can use your applications immediately. Cloud-based SaaS solutions stand for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and scalability and are suitable for companies of all sizes.


In Netfira’s free e-book “Smart Purchasing, Smart Buyers: How Operational Purchasing Can Be Optimized through Smart Automation Tools and Innovative Technologies”, you can also find out how procurement benefits from a combination of a SaaS solution and AI.


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