How operational purchasing can be optimized through intelligent automation tools and innovative technologies

The daily tasks of the modern buyer often do not yet correspond to our technological age. Boring and repetitive activities such as comparing data prevent buyers from devoting themselves to the tasks that really add value. The demands on procurement in a digitally connected world are also increasing. Efficient processes and data-driven business workflows are the basis for purchasing to prove itself as a resilient partner in the value chain. Purchasing needs to become more up to date and modern – and the best way to do that is with the help of smart automation solutions and innovative technologies.


Learn in this e-book:

  • How you can modernize procurement
  • Which intelligent automation solutions are available to procurement and which technologies have a high potential for the future
  • Why the modern buyer is a digital buyer

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Procurement and the Corona pandemic: Was the digital transformation successful?

For almost a year now, the Corona pandemic has had the global economy firmly in its grip. In spring 2020, it quickly became apparent that Germany was lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation. This is also true for procurement. But what about digital transformation today? Has procurement been able to learn its lessons from the Corona crisis and to live up to the current challenges and requirements?

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